At NorthStar Training sustainable fitness requires commitment and hard work. From day one you will experience a supportive staff and welcoming environment regardless of your ability level. We are proud to have athletes of every size, shape, age and background come together as a community to not only set goals…but smash them.

At NorthStar Training we also take pride in how much fun our athletes have while working hard.  The number #1 thing our athletes share with us is “I wish I would have started sooner!


As society has evolved in to the digital age our relationships and interactions have become cybernated. At NorthStar Fitness we strip away the filters and connect with each other through fitness. We share in the struggle and celebrate the victories.

We yell, high five, fist bump, cry, sweat and even occasionally bleed, but we do it together knowing we’re stronger than yesterday.

Our Team

The team of coaches and yogis at Northstar Fitness pride themselves on delivering an incredible experience for all our athletes and students. We make it a priority to educate ourselves on the evolving fitness standards to bring you the most safe, enjoyable and effective classes possible.